Coming soon: Season 2 of The Edge, a podcast by TAG Heuer

Coming soon: Season 2 of The Edge, a podcast by TAG Heuer
The Edge
Coming soon: Season 2 of The Edge, a podcast by TAG Heuer

Mar 11 2022 | 00:01:57

Episode March 11, 2022 00:01:57

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TAG Heuer

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There are moments when time stands still. Moments where you find yourself on the verge of greatness.

Moments that stand the test of time. The Edge is a monthly podcast where extraordinary people tell intimate stories of one moment that changed everything for them. A world record, an encounter, an epiphany, a life-changing decision.

They relive their moments, minute by minute. How they overcame pressure, fear, pain and pushed themselves to the limit.

To The Edge. A podcast by TAG Heuer.

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Speaker 1 00:00:02 Life is made up of individual moments. Some are more memorable than others, and some will remain with us forever. Some are so meaningful that we play them over and over in our minds, like a movie filmed in slow motion in the hope of reliving the experience. But how do we put that fraction of a second? It takes to break a world record. The moment a life has changed forever into words. Some people might spend a lifetime imagining a moment like that, but what happens when that dream comes true? Does it flash by faster than you imagined? Does it feel the same as it did in your dreams? Did you prepare for it enough in this season of the edge, we'll be speaking to athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs who have all lived. Those moments, the moments where everything changed when all their hard work and effort paid off moments in which failure was an option, but instead they watched themselves succeed. Join us for some deeply personal conversations and the chance to live through these life altering moments as if they were your own. I'm your host Tao Vandam BRCA stay tuned for our first episode in this second season of the edge, a podcast by tag Hoya coming to you. mid-March.

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