#20 : George Bamford

#20 : George Bamford
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#20 : George Bamford
Episode 20 October 17, 2022 00:32:56

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In this episode, you’ll hear from George Bamford, founder of Bamford Watch Department. He shares his genuine passion for watches and explores the indelible relationship between TAG Heuer and racing. Presented by Nicholas Biebuyck, Heritage Director at TAG Heuer, you’ll discover the moment George fell in love with watches, the allure of elusive timepieces, and why he loves TAG Heuer. We found the perfect backdrop for this passionate chat about watches, racing and collaborations: the 2022 Grand Prix de Monaco Historique.

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Speaker 1 00:00:03 What makes a watch elusive and alluring? How did tag Hoyer in the world of racing form such an indelible relationship? We've got a very special guest to help answer these questions. He's an entrepreneur, a lover of watches in the art of watchmaking. His name is George Banford. George sat down with Nicholas Bebe, heritage director at Tag Hoya to talk about his genuine passion for watches and watchmaking. Oh, and we found the perfect backdrop for this conversation, The 2022 Grand Prix and MoCo Historic George Nicholas are good friends. They go back a long way, and so they started the interview by talking about their friendship and the thrill of being in Monaco during the historic ro pr. Take it away. Nicholas. Speaker 2 00:00:48 Welcome to the Edge, a podcast by Tago. I'm your host, Nicholas Bebe, and I'm very pleased to say today I'm here with one of my very dear friends in the watch industry, Mr. George Banford. We've known each other for years now, and to be able to work more closely together since I've joined Tago has been an immense pleasure. And, uh, thank you so much for joining us today. Speaker 3 00:01:08 God, it's an absolute pleasure to be here. It's awesome to be here, really. And, uh, you know, you're totally right. We, we've known each other for so long, and, um, I'm pleased that you're a tago because we can work very, very closely together. And I, I, I agree with you. It's, it's kind of, it feels like a combination of a period of time, and now it's kind of coming to this and sitting here and on your podcast. I mean, like, this is absolutely amazing. Speaker 2 00:01:34 Well, thank you very much, George. And I think we can share with everyone that we are sitting here in Monica recording during the historic Grand Prix. So, Okay. A nice little bit of another tick color to add. Speaker 3 00:01:43 Oh, it is be, I've, I've got a grin from ear to ear, um, the launch of the new Monaco Golf. Uh, that for me was just, it was a great launch. And then going out there today and seeing those cars and seeing everything you, you see the heritage of Tag Hoya coming in from Hoya to Tanko, all in those cars. I mean, they've got the old stickers, the old this they've got, and you see the old racing drivers with their monacos on in MoCo. I'm like, How cool is this? Speaker 2 00:02:12 What, what more could you ask for? But I think before we dive into, uh, the world of motor sport and racing, no, it's great for us to get carried away on this. I I really wanted to, uh, you know, some of our audience may not be familiar with exactly who you are, George. So I thought the best place to start was a little, uh, synopsis of who is Mr. George Bamford and, uh, what got you into the watch world? Speaker 3 00:02:29 Do you know? Honestly, I keep on trying to figure out who Mr. George Bamford is every day. But, um, no, how did I get, um, start into, um, watches? Actually, I can go back to the original Monaco. Um, you know, my first proper watch was a Formula One that illuminated dial. That was one of those things that, for me, it was just such a great watch. And sadly that, uh, disappeared to an ex-girlfriend, but I, that's another story. But, um, my first memory of a, of a watch with Steam McQueen Lamar, with those wonderful sub registers, that blue dial. And that's kind of really how I started. Um, I, I, my first real kind of, um, lightning bolt on watches was on a non Tago brand where I stripped it and rebuilt it over Christmas. And I, and that was, you know, I'm dyslexic. So for me, that was me learning about how watches work. Speaker 3 00:03:24 Um, I've always loved the design of watches. I've loved what goes into watches. Um, and, you know, that beating heart of the movement I always wanted to figure out. And so in 1996, I, I, I got given a watch of Christmas and, uh, Boxing Day. It was in pieces. Um, and I used a glass screwdriver and a pen knife to do it. So that's kind of, um, my first kind of foray into watches. But I think flea market trader, I used to go to, I lived in New York and I used to go to, um, flea markets and trade watches. And so you'd always go through and that, I think I had a, a grounding in tag Hoya's history by going to them and finding a Manhattan, a Camaro, a you know, there's some wonderful pieces that, you know, you look at all of the different history of them. I mean, there's some that I'm still discovering. So that's the great thing about Tag Hoy. You can discover everything. Speaker 2 00:04:16 And I think that's, that's a nice topic to explore a bit further. You know, I know, and we're probably gonna cover it a bit more, that you have a big passion for cars and motor supporters Oh yes. To the rest of your family. But was it that, that brought you to Hoya and Tag Hoy, or was it the design? I mean, which of these two factors, or a bit balance of the Speaker 3 00:04:32 Two? Do you know? For me, I think Hoya Hoya went and, and it was Tag Hoy and Hoyer, you know, I, I always loved, because it was design, it was designed forward. Um, but I think it was those wonderful two sub registers that I remember sitting in the crooks of my father's arm watching, um, Lamar. And it was kind of like, there was a ritual. It was either Form LA one or Lamar most weekends may have been another, um, uh, guy that, uh, kind of becomes a spy, but you know, is the two. It was a few things, but Lamar was my thing where you could see, and I, I, it wasn't my favorite movie, but what I loved about it was, it was just family. And we would sit there and I sit in the crooks of his, his arm and I'd watch this. Speaker 3 00:05:16 And so I think, I think it's just kind of ingrained into my mind. And, and I keep on coming back to it. It's one of those things that, you know, I keep on feeding my addiction by, and you keep on launching new watches that kind of keep on feeding my addiction. But it's one of those things where I look at it and I think, Do you always keep coming back to it? Yes, I do, because there's so much more where quite a lot of brands, there is probably six or seven derivatives of that watch. And, you know, you can go bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, but there's not much to explore more. It's, you know, you can turn up. And I, I always remember the, um, when I was growing up, there was a, uh, a very, very cool guy, and he, uh, he had a, um, I think it was a calculator on his wrist. Speaker 3 00:06:04 And this, this was a guy, and we were on holiday, and I saw it on his wrist. And, and I was a younger kid and looking at him, and I, and he had this character, and I was just like, That's so cool. And it, and then, and I was just like always thinking about he wasn't wearing the same as everyone else. And, you know, he had, he was wearing flip flops, and he was just like, this cool. I just remember, And it was very, it is kind of one of those visceral things of like remembering the whole experience. And it was kind of a seminal moment for me. And, and that calculated with that blue, with the orange flame, and, and he had one and this wonderful, um, kind of canvas strap. And I was just like, actually, this is such a cool watch. And so I think Hoya and Tago have really linked to me. Speaker 3 00:06:49 And, you know, it's been, I, you know, it's wonderful working with you guys. I mean, like, Jesus Christ, this is so much fun. Yeah. You know, it is a brand that, you know, well, you think about what you did for the Miami Gr Prix. I mean, like, how cool was that? I mean, like, and even here I'm like, you know, you do things in different way, and, and it's the just, it's, it's kind of not taking it so seriously. It's saying, Hey, look, we, we are a brand that understands racing. We understand actually connecting to customers. And we also understand actually having fun, you know, instead of being kind of some, you know, some brands and you can see some brands like very stuffy. Speaker 2 00:07:30 Yeah. I mean, I think you raise some very, very good points there. You know, the, the depth of the collections that we have. Okay. Many of us are very focused on the golden era of the brand, you know, the sixties and seventies. But, uh, since I've joined the business, there's so much to explore in the, the, the tag era, you know, the fully contemporary era Oh, yeah. All the way back to the thirties and into the late 19th century as well. So, you know, that that breadth as well as the depth is, is really interesting. And you know, this indelible link towards, uh, Motorsport, you know, it's so closely connected. So, I mean, whilst we're sitting here in Monica enjoying the historic Grand Prix, you know, what, what do you think it is that emotional connection between the watch and the cars? Not not necessarily directly or, and tackle air, but what do you think brings these two disciplines together? Speaker 3 00:08:12 I don't, I I, you know, it was quite interesting as talking to a few people, um, by their cars. And I was asking them, What, what, you know, what have you got on your wrist? What's, and predominantly they had a tag ho on their wrist. And I think the thing is that when you, you understand the mechanical side, it's almost, you know, Jack Hoy, as you know, has really solidified the relationship with racing together with, with Tago. I mean, you look at how that's happened, and now it's been pushed further. Frederick has just gone, We are going into the racing, you know, what you've done with Formula One. I mean, that is awesome. You know, that relationship with Red Bull and the relationship with Porsche. It's just each of these things are, are kind of coming back and saying, This is what we're doing. I've also gotta, I'm kind of talking about one thing I hate coming to your museum. Speaker 3 00:09:06 I hate it beyond belief. The reason is because every time you say about modern day, back into the thirties, I hate going there because every time I'm like, Oh my God, I'm, I want that watch. I want that watch. I want that watch. I haven't seen that watch. And those are the things where I think to myself is this voyage of discovery. The voyage of discovery. You cannot not discover something new. And that's something that I, I mean, you did take me back into the, the, the back archives. And I was just like, Okay, I, I really, you know, my bank balance is gonna hate me on this, but I was like, each time I was like, Oh my God, I love this. I love that. And I think that's the cool thing. But I think that's what the guys down on the track, you know, when, and it is my go to race, You know, when you are grabbing a watch, what, and I, I'm sitting in a car and I'm like, What shall I drive and what shall I wear? Speaker 3 00:09:58 It is predominantly a, a tag Hoya, because you just put it on your wrist and you go, it fits, you know, the dash timers in the car are a tag Hoya, you know, I, I keep on sending you photographs of, I've got an Octavia, um, I an Octavia dash timer, and it just sits in the car, and, and it's just, and it just, it makes me smile. And so then when you're driving and you've got, and I've got, you know, another watch on my wrist, I'm like going, Well, what the hell am I doing with this? I you gotta have, because it fits with the car. And it's, so I think that's where was very clever back in the day. I don't think he was trying to be clever on it. He was just like, This is a market. These are my friends, This is what I'm doing. Speaker 3 00:10:38 Yeah. And looking at it today and going, Oh my God, this is just a proper connection into cars that isn't a fake connection. And that's what, you know, you can dig down on quite a lot of brands and they say, Oh, we're doing this, or we're doing that, or We've got this rally, or whatever it is. And they're not, they're not the car fanatics, the brands that are the car fanatics, the brands that really connect the brands, you know, the, the CEO races cars, the brands that, you know, if you think of Tago, they, or, you know, back in the, Jack Hoyer was the guy that was sitting there and kind of saying, Hey, you, you need to be wearing this. Speaker 2 00:11:17 Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I was very lucky to spend a full day with Jack very recently. And I was explaining to him how today, you know, we're so closely connected to most sport and how much it means to us. And he said, Oh, you know, actually all those deals I did and all those drives I engaged. Actually, that was pretty smart, wasn't it? And I said, Absolutely, Jack, Like it was one of the best things you ever did, you know. And he formed this blueprint and this prototype for what, you know, brand ambassadors are today, sponsorship with teams, every competitive Formula one team today has a watch partnership. Jack was the very first guy to do that. So it goes to show, you know, how important this connection is in today. Obviously we have the, the relationship with Porsche, which feels so symbiotic and complete. Uh, you know, it's really a match meant in heaven, Speaker 3 00:11:57 But it's a long term partnership. Absolutely. That's, that's the thing is, you know, I, there's a watch, and I've forgotten the reference, so I'm really kind of, but there was the Digital Ferrari watch. Speaker 2 00:12:07 Ah, yes. Yeah. The Krono split. Speaker 3 00:12:09 Yeah, CRO split. So I've got it, and I put it on, and it's, and you know, I've got some, what I call very cool watches, but some people think are ugly. And it is, it's kind of a weird, ugly, beautiful watch. But the thing is that partnership was there for, for that partnership was so long mm-hmm. <affirmative>, and you, you've got iconic people wearing a tago that, you know, they weren't even given the watch. Yeah. So that was kind of the thing. Speaker 2 00:12:39 So George, I, I want to touch on one topic, which is you said, and it's always a pleasure to welcome you to the museum, but you say you're like a kid in a candy store and you wanna buy everything. Are there any big references that, you know, you're still hunting? Anything that you feel is like you white whale, and anything that you really hold in a high regard that you might already have? You know, what are the King Speaker 3 00:12:56 References? Oh my God. There is two that I keep on, keep on looking, I keep on missing out. One of them is the Dark Lord. Uh, this for me, is one of the coolest watches that, um, every time I've gone, Oh, yeah. And then it, I miss the price, or I don't like the quality or just something always knocks me in. And it is kind of really is my, my kind of unicorn inside, you know, or, uh, the Eleanor type scenario, the scenario. It's every time I'm like, and I keep on and I'm like, Oh my God, you know, it's gone for this price now, and then it's gone for this price. So for me, the Dark Lords or that wonderful Black case, you know, with that little pop of Orange and just everything about, it's just, it is one of those amazing, amazing watches. Speaker 3 00:13:46 Um, I think also because we're talking about Monica, we've gotta talk about the V four. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, I love the v4. I keep on, there's a, a carbon V4 that is just, and I can't, I, I can't find one. And every time I found one, I've never trusted where it's come from. So for me, the Carbon v4, I think those two, if I could kind of say to you, because both of them inspired the Banford Monaco or the Thet Monica with Banford, but it was that forge carbon case with, with that black on black, with the, you know, everything about it, Those two watches inspired that watch. So it, and that was probably me itching, uh, something that I missed out on, and I wanted these many, you put it together in one watch. So it's kind of, you know, I've taken two ideas into one. Speaker 3 00:14:37 So those two, I'd probably say are the, uh, the, um, the watches Love Great loves, Great Loves, But I also think that Dark Lord is is we know, is synonymous. You, you redid it, um, in Carbon. Um, for, um, the only watch that was amazing, of course I missed out on that. It was outta my budget, but it was one of those things I looked at and I was like, This is damn cool. And when you turned it over, that glass case back and all those things, that for me was one of the coolest things. And, and this is one of the kind of iconic pieces as well as like the Steve McQueen, the classic and the Gulf Golf Partnership. I mean, these, you know, you think about most brands would look at some one of these things and go, Oh, you know, we've, we've made it. Speaker 3 00:15:23 You know, you think of Tag has got so many, you can run on the career, you can run on the Monaco, you can run on, you know, even the monster you can run on these watches. Silver, You think about every iconic, iconic racetrack. Daytona. Yeah. I'm like, what the hell? You've got a Daytona, you know, from the racetrack. It is. So each reference I think is absolutely amazing. So, you know that, and every time I come to you, it is a pain in the ass. Oh, sorry to say that. And I really, because it's every time you show me something new, I, I got into the Titaniums. Speaker 2 00:15:58 Yes. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:15:59 You know, and I was like, I've gotta get a titanium. It sits on my desk. And I dunno why I haven't put on my wrist. It's probably because it's quite ugly, but I kind of love everything about it. But it sits on my desk and I'm just like going, That is because I went to the museum. Well, Speaker 2 00:16:13 I, I think you have a bit of an affection for some of these quirkier designs along the way. Yeah. That you've picked up every unusual form watch that we've had along the way. And I mean, in fair, your titanium is the rarest of all the Emerson ality, uh, version with the box and everything. So it shows what, uh, you know, complete collect. You are, George. It's, it's really wonderful to Speaker 3 00:16:32 See. I, yeah, I kind of geek out a lot. But, but the thing is that's, you know, I I, I've fall in love with the watch. I've fall in love with the design, you know, what's inside it, everything about it. But it's also how Ta Warrior has been very good at explaining the history. And, you know, I think, I think this podcast is the other side of it is, you know, it you, you don't even stop at kind of going, Oh, here's this, you've, you really go in depth on, on why would you fall in love with this? You know, why do you fall in love with, And when you look at it, it is such a beautiful watch because it's, you know, if you go that square, it's become an icon and you go to it and you go, That is noticeable around the world. And that's something I kind of go, there's not many watches that can really say, Hey, this is the icon. And you know, that is something that tag war is really, really done, but it's telling the story. Speaker 2 00:17:33 Yeah. And, and for you is, is it the Monaco is the king of the collections? Or are you impossible to call between Carrera and Ottavia and the other families? Or there's something you have a strong preference Speaker 3 00:17:44 For? Um, for me, um, uh, I, I would say things like calculator. I freaking love calculators. I've, I just got a, I think it was a Beachcraft one Oh, that I sent, I sent you an Im and I, I, I actually, my wife brought it for me for, uh, for Christmas. And I just loved it because it, it, it just, it reminded me back of the guy that, and it was just one of those things and I just really loved getting it. But then I would say to you is, um, I know the Montreal, Yeah. I mean, like, you guys did a re reverb on the Montreal on the, on the career era, on Speaker 2 00:18:18 The one 60th. Speaker 3 00:18:18 Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I just loved how you did that. I, I think the Montreal's a great, great case. I I do, of course you have to say the Monaco, because the Monaco is there, but I think there's so many other references. This weekend I brought one Monaco and I brought so many other watches because I, firstly, you arrive here and you know, everyone's gonna be wearing a Monaco in Monaco. So I was just say, Okay, I've gotta be a little bit different. So I, I, so for me, it was a, you know, I was thinking career, I was thinking Teer, I was thinking gmt, you know, those things, you know, the Teer gmt. I just thought that wonderful colorway. The the case, the whole thing. So I, that's where I kind of probably been a little bit different. But I love, I love your references, but, but I hate that I keep on discovering you, you know, I feel like I'm the buffin or on some of the things I'm like, and then I just see, I mean, I saw the most amazing, um, there was an most amazing monster today. And I, I was just like, I haven't seen that one. Yeah. I hadn't seen, you know, that color with that wonderful brown dar with it. And it was just, it was a modern reference, but it was just, it just looked so nice. I was like, Oh, there, there we go. I've gotta go and find something else on, on, on, you know, whatever you get your kind of, uh, or feeding your addiction on, Speaker 2 00:19:35 Do you think you can approximate how many ho tackles you own at this point? Or is, uh, impossible to calculate such a huge number now, Georgia, that's Speaker 3 00:19:42 A huge number. Oh my God, that sounds scary. You Speaker 2 00:19:44 Must have hundreds by now, right? Speaker 3 00:19:45 I've got quite a few. I've got quite a few. I, I always say I've, I've got between zero and uh, whatever. But it's never enough. Cuz you always kind of, you are always going down that rabbit hole of finding, discovering. And that's the thing about Tag Hoy is that is the discovery. You've got some, you know, the, the references and you were saying, How are I, I'm, I'm still collecting. So I think that's every time I come over it is painful coming back because it's just like, and you know, do you need another watch? No, you never need another watch. But do I buy another watch? Hell yes. I mean, like, why, you know, why do I, I, it's kind of like my brain doesn't engage. It's just like I love, I want, I need, Yeah, yeah. And it's just like boom, boom, boom. And, and that's, I think's amazing when you see the colorways, the, the, the design. Speaker 3 00:20:35 You know, you think about the Gulf colorways, you know, that iconic blue and orange together, but then you go, Okay, yeah, then, then we've got the Montreal colors, and then we've got, you know, Silverton colors you've got, and then you go onto the old yacht timers that I, that's something else. I, I love the stopwatches. I love, you know, that's where Tag had been wonderful about timing, you know, this is, it is a brand that is about timing. It's about timing of racing. I mean, even chess timers, I mean like, you know, there and then I saw in the Queens ga, but that was amazing to see the other chess. But you know, those, every reference you look at is you go, Oh my God, why do I need it? I don't, I I, you know, I do play chess for my son. Do we use a chess timer? Yes. Because I'm like, it, I, and I don't know why, and I don't know what's the reference of a chess timer, but my son and I love pressing this opposite each other because it's just funny. Speaker 2 00:21:29 You're not actually timing the game, you're just pressing the buttons. No, no. Speaker 3 00:21:32 We, we are timing the game because he just takes ages and then destroys me. It's like, okay, but you think about your iconic colors and that was what the other thing, you know, the wonderful navy blue, that wonderful blue that pops through and just each one of these, that blue white and just, there's some really cool colors that come outta the brand. And that's, that's where, you know, whatever you are wearing, whatever you are doing, it just compliments. And it's so cool Speaker 2 00:22:02 And it's great hearing you, you know, talk so passionately about, you know, the colors and the aesthetics, because I think we have to talk ba banford watch department really, don't we? Because, uh, you know, it, it's been a great friend for us at Tag. You know, it's been a wonderful partner between the Banford bono and the Ara that have been done together. But beyond that is the, the level of customization, because, you know, color is, is such a key part today we live in a world where luxury is about having what you want and you know, you saying this motivation to buy all these different things, actually that, that kind of plays into the same, uh, you know, angle as, uh, as the customization component. So maybe we can talk a little bit about the beginnings with your Monaco. I think it was that started it and then how we are Speaker 3 00:22:43 Today. So the Monaco, that was honestly, that was one of the best experiences because it was one of my first experiences into Side Tao. And, and it was one of, it was just a team to work with, talk with, go through and just be educated about the history. I've always been a, a Hoya fan and TAA fan, so it was one of those things, Carbon Monaco. I just love the idea of a carbon case. And it was just something that I, I'm sure you know, a lot of people have heard me talking about this watch, but it is, if I look at my collection, it's the only watch that probably will never leave my, it's like it's, um, and then doing something else, The Arasor, I always wanted the ultimate tool watch. I wanted something that you could beat around, you could wear anywhere. Titanium, I just think is such a cool material. Speaker 3 00:23:36 And you know, we used to always think about this as a future material, but it's now it's like, you know, in some ways steel's boring in comparison to titanium. You know, it, like, you look at precious metals versus titanium, you're like going this. And, and it was like, it was the wonderful kind of follow up on onto the Monaco, and that was something that was amazing. And, you know, Flame Orange, that was one of my signature colors. You know, we've got our Banford with Blue, but the flame orange was just something, and you guys have got that wonderful orange, so it was like this wonderful play between the thing, concentric circles on the Enter stadium and just working with the team. And it was just back and forth and, and, uh, I think there was a lockdown working between teams, and that was quite amazing because I, communication was very fluid. Speaker 3 00:24:23 It was just, it's like, Hey, we love this. This is what, you know, And it was, it was just a, it's wonderful working with a team that you just go, Yeah, okay. They get me and I get them and, and, and we know what we're doing. And then personalization, I mean, we, we do, I mean, I've got some wonderful customers that come in and do personalization with us. And, and that for me is something that when you are going through these iconic pieces, you know, the references, you know now with Porsche Colors, you know, everyone is like, Oh my God, have you seen this, The Viper Green, you know, or the, or the, there was that wonderful move purplely kind of jean color that everyone's like, I want my dial to be this, and I want, And that for me is the great things. And what I love is pulling it back into your heritage and saying, Well, why the hell are you not doing it this way? Speaker 3 00:25:11 Why? You know, And, and then people making it theirs. So it is, you know, do I, you know, I've got quite a few personalized watches that I have done that, you know, from Monaco. My wife has a beautiful Monaco, and, and it is hers. It's exactly her style. But if you kind of pick four or five of the references, you can go, Okay, I know where that comes from. But it's still going into her, her style, what she likes, and she rocks it. Yeah. And that's the cool thing is I love when there's something that is individual. And, and, and the great thing is when you are sitting, and I always think this test is when you sit on a commercial flight and someone goes, Oh, I like that. Watch. Tell me about it. And that's what I love about personalization. I, um, you know, I also love it when, uh, I, I flew back with my carbon MoCo when I first got it. And, and I sitting next to someone, he was trying to kind of offer me money for it. So I was just like, it was one of those things where, you know, you, you know, you've done a design that works when someone is like, Hey, I want that. Speaker 2 00:26:15 Uh, I mean, it's great for you to be talking about this, this customization and people taking inspiration from all these different places. And it's amazing how you can look at our relationship to Motorsport and you can look at all the different colors and it's almost like, uh, a circle. You know, the, uh, everything's a remix and everything comes back around. Um, I mean, is there anything that's still a big dream for you to create, uh, maybe looking back at the history of the company and to, to reestablish, Uh, what what would you love Speaker 3 00:26:40 To, uh, Speaker 2 00:26:41 To work Speaker 3 00:26:42 With? I dunno, I dunno if I'm allowed to, I don't want, because there is, honestly, there is two or three watches that I think are absolutely amazing. You know, I I, you already, I already say to you as something like, The Dark Lord is absolutely amazing, because for me, that is one of those watches that you go is freaking amazing. But I would say to you is, I love The Regatta, because I think it is that case, the design, the black, the, the, the way that, you know, it plays it. It's just one of those, those, it's an odd watch that really is beautiful. And you know, you kind of go, It is, it's one of those amazing things. And then I would say to you, something like a Soar that is, so you've asked me a question that literally I could tell you about 20 references that I wanted to come back. Speaker 3 00:27:29 I mean, even down to, you know, I saw the, uh, Camaro today, um, and I was just like, this just looks so cool. Could you imagine it as a modern interpretation of that? Now the thing is, because I'm, I'm a watch geek. I, I love it so much. And, and you know, a lot of watch people will go, I want that back. But the commercial sense, and this is what I totally understand with Tago, is the commercial sense is Tag, uh, is a Monaco is a Carra. It really is an Octavia, an f1. Those are the things that are the ones that really, really stay in there. Uh, you know, the Arasor, those, those are the stable of watches. And I, and you know, some of these watches that I beg, I beg you to bring back, um, and I'm like, you know, I'll be first in line. Speaker 3 00:28:17 I, I I'll find you enough Nutts like me to buy it. But, but it is one of those things where you go, I want, you know, these are watches that you'd want back. And so, you know, you are asking, I I always talk about if, if it was a partnership of, of relationship, I always think of, Holy Trinity, what are the three watches that you'd want to do? And I feel like I'm always missing something with, uh, with Tago. So I will always beg for something to come back because I think it is a very cool thing. But your, your executions and what, what Tag Hoya is done and what it is doing is just delighting because they're things that I would want to do. You know, you show me some of the things and I'm like going, Hell yes. The future is very bright here. I mean, you know, I would say it's golf colors, but it's, no, it's tag Hoya colors. And, and that is the thing is, you know, the original red and green, but it's really kind of going somewhere else. And, and I think that's where I just love where it's going. So it is bright and, and the future is so exciting. Speaker 2 00:29:15 I think there's one thing that I've never asked you, Georgia. Maybe this is the thing to finish on, you know, you're always wearing a, So Luna or the Skipper, and you talk about the Regatta. Do you have a strong connection to the world of sailing or water, or is it just you love the colors and the design? What, what brings it Speaker 3 00:29:29 To you? It's design. Honestly, I, I think, and this is probably me being me, but I I, I never think sailing watches are, are that. I think the design is so damn cool. I think the idea of them is so damn cool. I don't think, you know, if you look at all the sailing things, no one buys it because it's a sailing watch. You know, they buy it because it looks so damn cool. Or that's how I think it, I, I, you know, I'm not gonna be sitting on a boat going, Oh, I know what, you know, I know when I'm gonna start the race. Or, you know, you don't really, I mean, you look at every brand that's done a regatta timer and they've gone, Oh, we're gonna be doing this big exposure. This is what we're doing. This is how, And it flops, it's not, you know, because they've said it's connected to the sailing for me. Speaker 3 00:30:18 You know, like that hood, inky skipper, it was, here's a sailing boat. But really it's just a damn cool watch. And that for me is what was very, very cool about it. It was, I was like, I, I understand the history and you have to reference the history, but really it's a cool watch and that you know's that gotta wanna steal this, and you want to, you know, I fell down the stairs. Trying to get that online was, I was just like, what the hell have I done that for? So for me, that, that's where I look at. I love, I love, I love, I love what the, you know, and there's so many I'm missing and so many things that I'm like going, Oh my God, I, but Regatta Timer, I just love the idea of the regatta time. I love the design. Um, but then I also love, you know, the skippers and, and um, the soars. Speaker 3 00:31:06 Cause I just think that the design is so beautiful and it's a beautiful execution. Yeah. So do I go to you and say, God, am I gonna buy it because someone's sailing in it? No, I'm gonna buy it because it's a damn cool watch. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I dunno, I, I know that you'll have to tear a line of kind of the, the, the business side, but I, I don't, I don't see it as like a, I I I, I would find it kind of that bizarre thing of, of the big sailing boat or the, something like that. I, I, you know, for me it's just a beautiful photograph with, with an amazing watch. Speaker 2 00:31:36 And that's exactly a George, you know, fundamentally the design has to be beautiful and it has to be executed well. Whatever discipline it might be attached to is, is almost secondary. But when you look at the skipper and you look at the Sea Fair and the Solona and the me, they all had this incredible aesthetic quality. I mean, George, every time we're together, I feel like we could talk indefinitely. Um, but at some point we do have to wrap it up. But I just wanna say it's been immense pleasure talking today. Always so wonderful to be together and talking watches and all the other fun things that we discuss. Um, and thank you very much for listening to today's episode of, uh, The Edge Podcast by tag and do tune in for our, our next installment very soon. Thank Speaker 3 00:32:13 You very much. This has been a treat. Speaker 1 00:32:27 Thank you for listening to this episode of The Edge. While you are here, don't forget to subscribe to the Edge and leave us five stars. It does make a difference. Thank you so much to George Banford for joining us. I'm your host, Te Van and brca, and I'll be back next month with another episode of The Edge, a podcast by tag. See you soon.

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